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You are a professional sound engineer

and you would like to be able to work in our studios


​Awelcome a producer in a top management to finalize mixes,

make grand piano takes with high-level equipment,

organize a pre-production residency,

record rhythms or an orchestra in the live room,

achieve high-end analog mastering


We regularly organize short training courses (3 hours) to allow you to be trained and accredited on our facilities, and thus be able to work with your customers in complete autonomy in our studios. at a preferential rate.

All the benefits of owning a large studio,

with nothing to manage!

Next training session and accreditation of the management:




Attention :

This training and the accreditation process is reserved for working sound professionals.

already having a solid experience of the studios

The control room is equipped with a PROTOOLS HD and CUBASE PRO

You can also work on your own station if you wish.

Access to the fleet of equipment and in particular the microphones will be the subject of a specific estimate according to the needs.

At the end of the training, we reserve the right not to accredit a professional whose skills we deem insufficient or whose behavior is unsuitable.

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