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A la carte recording studio!

Recording, mixing, music, sound or image,

at Hey! You don't rent

only the space and equipment you need.

And you can manage your sessions independently

or choose to take advantage of the skills of the many residents.

Studio d'enregistrement HEY!

The main control room and its booth can be reserved independently of the stage according to your needs of the day.

Are you or do you work with a professional sound engineer?

After a 3-hour training on its general operation and the validation of our technical team, we canrent the cabin independentlyat a preferential rate.

Quote request

We respond within 48 working hours to all quote requests.

You can provide us with a telephone number so that we can contact you to clarify your request if necessary.

You may include links to videos or audio files if you believe this will help us better understand your needs.

We work in a professional setting. We cannot respond to requests for discovery sessions, birthday gifts, playback recordings or other non-professional services.

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